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Checking if one string contains another substring - indexOf

Want to search for a substring within a javascript string? The example code below shows how to use the javascript indexOf function to find a substring and its location. <script> var bigstring = 'The dog was sleeping under the tree'; var substring = 'unde

Make a redirect page using jQuery / Javascript

Ever wanted to redirect visitors from your old website to your new website? Or from an old webpage to a new webpage? Its very easy using Javascript, simply enter the following code onto your old webpage. <script> window.location.replace("http://NEW-WEBPAG

Linux Software Raid 1 - Creating a Raid 1 Mirror with mdadm

Ever wanted the benefits of Raid 1 without the cost of extra hardware? As the steps below show, its very simple to create a software raid 1 mirror on linux with mdadm. The system used in this guide is a Centos 7 PC, however mdadm will work the same on any linux flavour.

Linux Traffic Control using tc ( /sbin/tc ) for OpenVZ and KVM

Ever wondered how to do linux traffic shaping or linux traffic control on an IP or Interface? Ever wanted to do linux traffic control or linux traffic shaping on individual VPS's on OpenVZ, KVM, Xen, platforms? The Linux traffic control command tc ( /sbin/tc ) will enable you to do this, also kno

Linux KVM Networking using TAP devices (without bridge)

KVM guests are typically setup using bridge networking. Using a bridge in your KVM Network setup is not actually required, you can bypass bridge setup altogether. But why you ask? Because these days people often administer systems remotely and setting up a newtork bridge typically requires a netw

Creating ZFS Zpools for OpenVZ

You will first need to ensure ZOL (ZFS on Linux) is installed on your openvz server. See for help regarding installing ZOL. In this guide I am using OpenVZ version 2.6.32-042stab093.4 (CentOS release 6.5


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How to Rename a mdadm Raid Device (quick method)

Sometimes a software raid device may have the wrong name, typically the default /dev/md127. When this happens how do we rename the array back to something useful like /dev/md2 ? STEP#1 Find UUID of Raid Array /dev/md127  

How to Rename an Ethernet Device

Rename eth1 to eth0 For this guide we are renaming eth1 to eth0 on a centos 6.5 server.   STEP#1 Find what ethernet devices exist and their MAC addresses   Using the ip

CPanel License Check Command

To check a cpanel license run command: /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt   Example Successful Output root@ns1 [/]# /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt Updating cPanel license...


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Shadow Box

Add a box-shadow to a div element div { border: 2px solid; border-radius: 25px; }

Rounded Corners

Add rounded corners to a div element: div {    border: 2px solid;    border


The padding property can have from one to four values. padding: 25px 50px 75px 100px; top padding is 25px right padding is 50px bottom padding is 75px left padding is 100px padding: 25px 50px

Useful mdadm commands

Some of the most basic commands to manage a Linux Software Raid Array Clear RAID Disk mdadm --zero-superblock /dev/sda

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